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Our Approach

We look at the fun side and the professional side and bring them together for your WOW factor.  We make sure you can count on us to build a digital presence that meets any and all of your advertising needs.  From 3D Mapping and Virtual Tours for VR Headsets and all Smart devices, we capture your structure (i.e Real Estate, Business, Ships, Schools and more...) using the newest and most advanced 3D technology and more.  Our Photography has won several awards and many thanks from our great clients. Let us create a 360 Animated video from a standard black and white 2D floor plan.  We also coordinate with local Police & Fire with local tours for any unforeseen issues.

Our Story

Premier Images 3D is your Real Estate, Cruise Line and anything you can think of 3D Virtual Tour experts.  Our 3D tours can be viewed on any mobile or pad device and most importantly Virtual Headsets.  Videos, photos and text information and most any languages can be added to these tours.  Step into the real World of 3D and not the animated versions, and at a much more reasonable price.  As a former Cruise Director I have a unique perspective in the how and what is needed. What can be covered, Clients view of the ship in 3D, Safety Training, Crew Training, Easy Dinning Reservations, Behind the Scenes Tours, Video inserts of shows, excursions, shopping deals. Clients can view while on-board in a Virtual Headset a behind the scenes tour of the Bridge, Engine room, Back of the restaurant and any other areas that the public is not allowed.

I have been in front of the camera for 35 years as an actor now I taken my creative eye and now put it behind the camera.  Real Estate photography has been my backbone for 12 years, from California to the East Coast.

Let my eyes, imagination and cameras capture your Home, Building, Event in 3D, HDR or 360 Video from the ground or from the air.

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Meet Douglas

Getting to know Douglas...

Douglas started in front of the camera over 40 years ago, 19 Movies,42 TV shows, traveled World Wide entertaining as Mr. Silver. Now for the past 15 years I have moved to behind the camera and that has won me two photographic awards. Having an eye for detail and composition is what my clients rely on. This is the very best way I know how to make a living pleasing my clients and I get to create photographic and 3D art. I have also created the first 3D Class room for detective and police work. I own 4 copyrights and one patent with more to come.  Being a former Cruise Director also gives me an advantage, knowing how all of the Cruise World works and it's unique needs.

With the new advanced 3D photo technology I can put you inside whatever I shoot. This 3D technology is compatible with Virtual Reality headsets. Imagine seeing a a Cruise ship online that feels so real you can almost reach out and touch it.

                                                                                                                            Wow… is what my clients say.

Douglas Meyers



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